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Zgraya —
exactly where needed

“Zgraya” – is a group of volunteers who worked with the military in Eastern Ukraine in 2014-2015. We resumed our work after the start of a full-scale invasion in 2022 and received the status of a NGO.

We help


with vehicles, equipment, clothes, medicines, products, etc


with equipment, consumables, medicines, etc

The injured

with defenders rehabilitation and recovery after injuries


with clothes, household items, hygiene, medicines, etc


with food, medicines, evacuation, family search, etc

What do we do?

In the conditions of constant changes, we also flexibly adapt to the current situation. First and foremost, the Pack always helps the defenders. The military direction is our highest priority.

In the first months, during the active hostilities in the Kyiv and Chernihiv regions, we helped the population of these regions, evacuated people from Chernihiv, and met the needs of the vulnerable population in Kyiv and the region. Later, humanitarian aid to de-occupied settlements.

Since the beginning of April 2022, we have expanded the geography of trips to Luhansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson and Mykolaiv regions. Now we help the military, hospitals, civilians with the first priority in frontline areas.

The main directions of our work

1. Help to militaries

We provide equipment, ammunition, means of tactical medicine, personal protection and communication, clothing, equipment, food, hygiene products and others. If possible, we transfer cars and components, expensive technical equipment (drones, thermal imagers, etc.) to the front

2. Help to hospitals

We supply hospitals with equipment and medicines, cooperate with international organizations to provide hospitals, especially those in frontline areas or receiving the wounded, with everything they need

3. Help to civilians

Assistance to residents of front-line cities and IDPs (internally displaced persons) with medicines, clothes, household appliances, products, as well as assistance to animals with food, medicines, evacuation

4. Medical evacuation

A mobile group for the stabilization and evacuation of the injured from the sites of hostilities. As of August 2023, assistance was provided to 1,000+ military and civilians, 17 professional paramedics and doctors worked, 5 ambulances were used.

5. Rehabilitation of the injured

With the "Ukrainian Mediсal Center of Sports Medicine Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine", we offer defenders free comprehensive medical diagnostic and rehabilitation assistance. Massages, physical and occupational therapy, the entire range of physiotherapeutic procedures for recovery after injuries

6. Tactical medicine

A military-aid kit from Zgraya — tailoring a tactical pouch, filling with tactical medicine, and delivery to the combat zone. In the military-aid kit there is a tourniquet, a hemostatic bandage, an Israeli bandage, a decompression needle, an occlusive sticker, a nasopharyngeal mask and a lubricant, an eye shield, atraumatic scissors, reinforced tape, bandages, adhesive plaster, a card of the injured. As of August 2023, 659 military-aid kits have been issued.

7. Tailor shop

High-quality tailoring of tactical military-aid kits with quick release, helmet covers, and any tactical pouch (for magazines, grenades, tourniquets, resets, etc.). All these products have dozens of positive reviews from the military, emergency services, and critical infrastructure workers.

All our actions and our activities are impossible without you and your help and financial support!

What is done already?

Zgraya's co-founders

Eugenia Talinovskaya is a volunteer with 15 years of experience.

“My first projects were focused on helping orphanages. It was not a fund at that time.

When the Revolution of Dignity began (in 2013) we participated actively – met many different needs, delivered medicines and food. We opened our own headquarters. It was the moment when we created “Zgraya” – a physical organization without registration. 

And when the ATO began, “Zgraya” concentrated on helping the army, and actually in years 2014-2015 we were very actively involved in helping the military. There is our page on Facebook, where you can get acquainted with our activities in more detail, there are photos, reports, price tags.

When the active phase of the ATO ended, I went back to my work with orphanages and I’m still doing it. I have also been coordinating fundraising projects of the International Charity Foundation “Kozhen Mozhe” (“Everybody can”)  since 2016.

From time to time, when it is necessary to react quickly to any situations in our country, that are outside the framework of any funds, I, as an individual, begin to volunteer and collect assistance. 2 years ago, when there were fires in Chernobyl, we, in the same way, on our own, without any fund, provided assistance in extinguishing fires there.

Since there is a war in Ukraine now, we, as “Zgraya”, as a physical association of active, caring citizens of Ukraine, have taken it upon ourselves to open our warehouses (we already have 2 of them – on the left and right side of Dnipro river in Kyiv) and to launch our delivery. We do what we can: search for what is needed, fundraising and coordinating  purchases and deliveries to civilians, hospitals, the Armed Forces and territorial defense.”

Alexey Yudkevich - coordinator of the evacuation department "Zgraya"

“I have always been a cynical buddy, but the current situation in my country doesn’t let me remain indifferent: civilians who find themselves under fire from the aggressor need to be rescued and taken to safe places. My place today is here, in Ukraine, in Kyiv! We coordinate and carry out the evacuation of the civilians – this is our duty.

Back in 2014, I was an active participant in the Revolution of Dignity. Later on, I was volunteering in the freewill battalion  “Dnipro-1” in eastern Ukraine.

“No one remembers where and when “Zgraya” started. It has always been. For the sake of a common case – to help our country – we call again all ours!”