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About Zgraya​

We are a volunteer group Zgraya, formed during the Revolution of Dignity in 2013, as a reaction to the events in Ukraine. With the start of the war in the east, we set up a headquarters and responded to military requests by purchasing and constantly transporting generators, equipment, armor, equipment, food, and medicine. Among the founders of Zgraya are volunteers, members of the Anti-Terrorist Operation, who took part, in particular, in the liberation of Mariupol. Eugenia Talinovskaya is the founder of Zgraya. She is a volunteer with 15+ years of work with orphanages, coordinator of fundraising projects of the international charity fund “Everyone Can”.
Zgraya gathers and responds to emergencies, for example, we helped the workers and civilians involved in extinguishing large-scale Chernobyl fires two years ago. Our organization is registered, it is a group of volunteers to respond quickly to inquiries.

On the first day of the escalation of the war with russia, we created a headquarter on the right side of the city. Then we opened one more on the left side. We help the civilians, hospitals, territorial defense and Armed Forces with medicines, equipment, food. We cooperate with several restaurants to provide hot meals for the civilians, hospitals and territorial defense. Also, we provide humanitarian assistance at subway metro stations and bomb shelters, evacuate civilians from Chernihiv, organize basic life support courses for civilians and militaries.
We created a network with more than 1000 local volunteers all around the city to support civilians that is called “Compassionate neighborhood”.
We are updating our Facebook page regularly so you can see our activities and projects.

We need support

We are constantly looking for all kinds of support so we appeal to business owners and all concerned people to send us:

  • any food (easy to cook preps, dairy, vegetables and grains for kits for vulnerable groups);
  • medications, tactical medicine and medical equipment;
  • drones, night vision devices, thermographic cameras;
  • generators, chainsaws, shovels;
  • equipment (bulletproof vests, helmets, military shoes, balaclavas, buffs, knee pads/elbow pads, tactical belts, gloves, etc.);
  • thermal and regular underwear;
  • mats, sleeping bags, blankets, mattresses;
  • power banks, lanterns, batteries;
  • any humanitarian aid – hygiene products, adult diapers, clothes.

Our team at work